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Nalten provides numerous strategies in physical commodities trading. Trading electronically, and closely working with, and following the physical commodities market, allows Nalten superior insight in forecasting which markets to become involved with.  Listed below are a just a few strategies on how we conduct business in the physical commodities sector. Our primary geographic regions consist of US, Canada, Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe:



  • Joint-Partnership with mining companies, farmers and manufactures.

  • Buying options on physical commodities.

  • Funding commodities companies in bankruptcy and selling

  • Finding new companies with zero to low credibility who looking to break into the market

  • Working as a trustworthy intermediary for companies in various countries with poor financial reputations.

  • Investing in small companies while marketing their product.

  • Purchasing/storing commodities.

  • Monetizing commodities for companies while moving 20% of proceeds to our trading desk.

Trading Desk

Our trading will work in multiple capacities: 


Monetizing Assets for investors


  • Hedging for companies


  • Active trading for companies in the commodities sector without a trading desk

ATSE Software (Automated Trading Strategy Execution)

Design, develop, and test Automated Trading Strategy Execution Software. Nalten has been developing and testing our own ATSE.  We design our software specifically for our trading desk and our managed futures funds.  Our current software prototype is designed for CL (Crude Oil) ES (S&P 100).  

Prop Trading     

With over 30-years of experience in trading with the commodities and futures market, Nalten’s prop-trading division is design to recruit and train the best, and most suitable traders from all over the country and world.  Proprietary trading (also "prop-trading") occurs when financial instruments are traded with the firm's own money—aka the nostro account, as opposed to the depositors' money—in order to make a profit for itself.


Nalten has been positioning itself to work as a consultant to African and South American companies looking to break into the international commodities market, or upgrade work productivity.   Providing new technology, business strategies, and hedging strategies, along with helping clients secure accounts, Nalten diligently provides research and data to help clients adjust to market conditions.

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