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One World Trade Center Suite 8500, New York, NY 10007, USA

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With hydroponics the plants are grown in an inert growing medium (see below) and a perfectly balanced, pH adjusted nutrient solution is delivered to the roots in a highly soluble form. This allows the plant to uptake its food with very little effort as opposed to soil where the roots must search out the nutrients and extract them. This is true even when using rich, organic soil and top of the line nutrients. The energy expended by the roots in this process is energy better spent on vegetative growth and fruit and flower production.


Nalten Commodities and Resources was incorporated in November of 2017. The corporate office is located on the 85th floor of One World Trade Center, New York, NY 10007.  Nalten Inc. has three primary divisions: electronic trading; trading physical commodities (agriculture, resources) and consulting.  Our target markets include: the United States; Africa; China; India; Poland; and Brazil. 


Our consulting services vary per country of operations.  From product and commodities distribution to hedging. 


Nalten is currently developing various energy and agriculture projects in US, South America and Africa.



With dozens of industries Nalten focus on largest sources of revenue in emerging markets and the increased use of raw material costs.


One World Trade Center Suite 8500

New York, NY 10007, USA

(800) 745-8918

(212) 220-6033

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